About Us

Born in France, Delphine is the creative behind DELPHINE GENIN, shaping the future of fashion both in the physical and digital world.

Delphine is a deep thinker who prefers observing and understanding before taking action. She is also neurodivergent, which influences her ability to see the world as a canvas of endless possibilities. This perspective is the foundation of her creativity, enabling her to explore where others might not dare.

An unusual Chief Financial Officer turned Creative entrepreneur. Delphine spent her career exploring the intersections of finance, fashion, and the human desire for self-expression. She has navigated her career, understanding its conventions and the limitations they can impose.

Simultaneously, she has immersed herself in the art of haute couture under the watchful guidance of Lesage, a subsidiary of Chanel, a realm where the sublime and extraordinary are woven with thread and needle. The Atelier now has the privilege of collaborating with renowned Haute Couture professionals such as Dominique Pillard, an expert Plumassier (feather artisan) who has worked with luminaries like Jean Paul Gaultier and Petites mains (embroidery artisans).

She believes in the potential of augmented reality, AI, digital fashion, the combination of physical and digital experiences, a world where women can visualize, experiment, and express their unique fashion senses without limitations.

Within only two years since commencing the label, Delphine Genin has been described as “pioneering a radical new concept” by the Australian Financial Review. By combining rare craft and tradition with technology, the label remains at the forefront of Australian luxury.


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