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DELPHINE GENIN established her atelier in 2018 and is not afraid to look outside her comfort zone. Delphine’s vision is to bring together Art, Psychology and Technology. The atelier’s first concept was to design garments for special occasions that are adorned with personal messages and with the aim to make us understand how we think, behave and express ourselves to others through our body language and external appearances. Within the first two years of business, DELPHINE GENIN has been described by the Australian Financial Review as ‘pioneering a radical new concept’.

Using this unique perspective, the company will expand with a new collection in 2022 that focuses on modern, executive businesswomen and leaders. Research shows that if women don’t feel confident, they will take fewer risks and won’t trust their competence. With a background as a CFO, Delphine often attributed her success to what she was wearing, and more specifically, what message she wanted to send for each project she had to run.

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  • "French revelation - Genin is pioneering a radical concept in her eponymous atelier in a precinct that identifies as home to private clubs, politicians and heavyweight bankers. The embroidery is invested with symbolism referencing a woman's strength."

    Susan Owens, The Australian Financial Review
  • "Genin is Australia's only specialist Haute Couture embroidery label, with the new collection exploring power and symbolism"

    Herald Sun - Leader News Papers

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