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    Time Out - July 2020
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Have you ever imagined that you could sneak into a French couture house and learn haute couture hand embroidery in their atelier?

Brought to you by DELPHINE GENIN, the only French couture Atelier in Australia to specialise in haute couture embroidery, you can learn the finesse and perfectionism behind this traditional savoir-faire through our online and in person art embroidery classes.

Creative Director Delphine Genin has developed her passion for embroidery since a young age. As a child, Delphine started manipulating beads, feather and fabrics, and later created Swarovski jewellery. Following a successful career in finance, she trained at the prestigious Ecole Lesage, the CHANEL owned embroidery school in Paris famous for its Luneville embroidery technique and has decided to share the beautiful craft of Broderie d'Art through her couture designs and Atelier.

Through these classes, Delphine wants to share this special art with creative thinkers, doers and passionate craftsmen. In honouring the tradition of Les Métiers d’Art and ensuring the continuation of this rare savoir faire, she wants to pass on the techniques that she has learnt over the years and that are applied within haute couture houses.

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Haute couture embroidery, also called Art embroidery (Broderie d'Art), is a combination of traditional embroidery work with a needle and Luneville embroidery performed with a tambour hook or slate frame. An age-old tradition that is over 160 years old, the technique of embroidery has been passed on by generation to generation through word of mouth and was later pursued by the biggest couture houses in the world such as Dior, Balenciaga and Givenchy.

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Whether you want to learn from the comfort of your home, or in our small intimate sessions, our online and physical courses are designed so that you can learn at your own pace and benefit from the advice of a professional artisan.

Both our in-person worshops and our detailed online video course will give you the opportunity to gain an introduction to haute couture embroidery and to learn the beauty behind this art. You will receive step by step explanations, learn how to read a design and colour chart and receive custom explanations to have full confidence to continue working on in your spare time. Each course will provide you with detailed and comprehensive information for you to create your own French Embroidery project.

At each class, DELPHINE GENIN Atelier will provide you with a design of our choice that you will use to make your creation step by step. The initial technical drawing will help you to clarify all the details: the number of pearls, the colours of the threads, the height of the embroidery, the direction of the stitches, and so forth. As a nod to the brand, you will also receive the inspiration behind the design to make you think and question "what's normal".

To obtain high quality work like in worldwide recognised fashion houses, we will teach you which materials to select and how to achieve the precision that is required to create beautiful hand-crafted pieces. The teacher will only receive 5 people at a time for physical classes to ensure that she can focus on every person individually. Online courses will be accompanied by a personal 15 minute Zoom consultation to ensure we accompany you in your progress.

Whether you meet with Delphine herself or her lovely ‘petite main’ (name given to French embroiderers in the workshop), you will discover what it means to mix art, passion and perfectionism. Don't be surprised to hear some French words here and there - our courses will make French sound like your first language.

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Each course will be accompanied by the best quality materials such as silk, cotton and metallic threads (mainly from France), Swarovski crystals, Japanese beads, Italian sequins and gold embroidery.

You will receive at home or during the workshops a box with the kit and materials that you will be able to use during your own personal hours of work. You might be proud to frame your work at the end of the course and display it in a creative space.


Our embroidery courses are for all levels. You will learn how to apply beads, sequins, silk thread, feathers, chenille, cords, jewellery, delicate metallic threads and to create modern and challenging shapes.

Whether you are passionate about tambour beading, a fashion student or want to become an expert in Broderie d'Art, our professional embroidery worshops will be perfect for you.

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